A New Understanding of Reality

THE COSMIC WORLDVIEW – including The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET

– A Brief Introduction –

The Mystery of Live NCP X-AIONS

The Cosmic Worldview provides a profound Solution to ‘The Hard Problem of Consciousness and Reality’

Although natural science has created the foundation of our modern technological society, it cannot explain what the Physical World essentially consists of and what it really is. Physics assumes that the total energy of the universe is composed of 70% so-called dark energy, 25% so called dark matter and only 5% ordinary matter – so 95% of the universe consists of something unknown. The same is true for Consciousness; traditional science does not know what it is. In fact, both our inner and outer worlds are a mystery.
The Cosmic Worldview including ‘The Fundamental Energy Theory’ – FET involves a completely novel description of reality that provides logical and consistent answers to these puzzles.

A Novel Concept: Qualitative Vacuum Energies – Fundamental Energies

The Fundamental Energy Theory/ FET takes us into what physicists term the vacuum/zero-point field and describes the vacuum energies or ‘Fundamental Energies’ (‘Basic Energies’) operating there. According FET there exist six of these subtle energies, each holding a specific quality – which is an original and novel concept. These qualitative energies also have different impacts and strengths and they build up Everything in Life and Existence from the very densest physical matter, to the most subtle that exists including our own consciousness and mental life comprising thoughts, feelings, memories, etc.
One part of FET is primarily focusing on two of the fundamental energies, the Expansion and Contraction energies and how they are underlying and constituting the entire physical world, (the other four fundamental energies are also involved in these processes but to a much lesser degree). The expansion and contraction energies have totally opposite characteristics and according to their names the expansion energy expands and the contraction energy contracts, i.e. there is a tension between them. FET states that the interaction and tension between these two energies constitute the very basis of what physicists call force, particles and matter. The Fundamental Energy Theory describes and explains the enigmatic dark matter and dark energy, the creation of particles from the zero-point field that in turn elucidates the phenomena of mass (Higgs field), curved space, the mechanisms of gravity and much more. FET also meets all the criteria for what physicists term ‘The Theory of Everything’*.

*Physicists have worked intensively for a long time to understand our physical world, including the unification of the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces, into what they term a ‘theory of everything’, but so far without success. FET demonstrates a model that without any contradiction unifies the four fundamental forces of nature, and actually gives us ‘The Theory of Everything’.

One of the completely novel and very important concepts presented in The Cosmic Worldview and FET is that the vacuum/zero-point field contains six specific qualitative energies constituting Everything in Life and Existence. Two of these subtle energies have qualitatively opposing features and give rise to the entire physical world. Taken together, in fact this is a New Understanding of Reality.

A Greater Reality

Throughout the principles the Cosmic Worldview and FET describe, it becomes obvious that Science has reached the limits of measurement in a ‘universe of distances’ and has begun to move into a ‘non-local universe of conditions/modalities’. This actually describes a transition from a physical ‘universe of distances’ to a paraphysical ‘universe of conditions/modalities’. The quantum vacuum is the first encounter with this transition and represents a doorway into this world of states/dimensions beyond our present knowledge of time and space. At this point we get closer to the understanding of both the physical and the paraphyscial worlds and how they are interconnected. These two are not only interconnected, but constantly developing in an eternal evolutionary, ascending spiral – it is all about an evolution of consciousness.

Martinus Cosmology and The Fundamental Energy Theory

The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET is based on the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology. FET is presented in the book ‘Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything – The Fundamental Energy Theory‘ by Leif Pettersson, published by New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS 2012.

Presentations of FET by NCP X-AIONS at The International TSC Conference  2012 – THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS  – UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA:

* The Fundamental Energy Theory (FET): Six Specific Qualitative Vacuum Energies That Constitute Our Physical World And Everything That Exists – A New Paradigm (No 1)
* The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET (Specific Qualitative Vacuum Energies) And The Theory Of Everything – A New Understanding Of Reality (No 2)

Abstract (No 1)  —  Abstract (No 2)  —  Images & Text (No 1 & 2)

The Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology
Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen

Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981) is part of a long tradition of mystics* and intuitive philosophers who claim to have access to intuitive insights about the nature of both the world and consciousness, and a more or less all encompassing knowledge of how life and existence are designed. What is special however about Martinus’ work is that it presents a logical and comprehensive description of reality that allows the reader to acquire a new and deeper understanding of Life and Reality – the Universe (Multiverse) as a conscious, infinite Cosmos functioning in a lawful manner following eternal principles. Also see Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm section ‘Universal Knowledge Through Time’.
* Mystic: from the Greek ‘mystés’, i.e. someone who has recourse to knowledge from within, from his or her own innermost reaches, unaided by schooling, tuition and theory. Mystics have existed through the ages and in all cultures. They claim, among many other things, that the universe – indeed, the entire Cosmos – is a living organism with life experience and consciousness, and that life has a superior purpose.

Martinus grew up living a simple life in the Danish countryside. His education was limited to a few hours weekly for only five years. Later he worked for a few years as a dairyman. In the spring of 1921 Martinus felt inspired to practice meditation. Associated with this, he had several unexpected intuitive experiences, which opened up a new area of perception for him. He described that he reached an expanded state of consciousness that he came to call ‘cosmic consciousness’. During his lifetime, Martinus presented a new worldview ‘Martinus Cosmology’ described in texts and symbols. His work includes extensive logical, coherent analyses and explanations of the fundamental principles of the infinite Cosmos and life itself – in fact a New Concept of Reality.

In 1958 Martinus gave his student and later collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen/PBJ (1932 -) the task of systematizing and connecting his intuitive knowledge to modern science. He tutored PBJ on a daily basis for more than a decade for this purpose. PBJ has since devoted his life to systematizing, clarifying and developing Martinus’ deep and extensive intuitive knowledge and to building bridges to science. In this manner the old mystical tradition of wisdom and knowledge is presented in a novel, logical, comprehensive and detailed manner that responds to the major issues in modern science and meets the needs for a new worldview and a different more profound understanding of reality. In fact a clarifying meeting between Science and Spirituality that leads to A Greater Reality.

Read more about Martinus & Per Bruus-Jensen at Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm and Archive & History  and the book SOL & MÅNE (The Sun & the Moon) describing Martinus teaching to PBJ.

Per Bruus-Jensen provides a systematic detailed description of the Cosmic Worldview and its substance in his many books e.g.: ‘X’ – A Complete Introduction to Martinus Cosmology, (‘the X-work’), four volumes of about 2000 pages, and Existence and Immortality – on the Ontology of Martinus Cosmology, two volumes of about 600 pages. Translation into English in progress – more information at SHOP & BOOK Presentations.

Martinus Dyrehaven DK 1960

Martinus 1960 Dyrehaven, Copenhagen, DK

X – A Complete Introduction to Martinus Cosmology – The X-Work,Vol. 1-4, PBJ

Per Bruus-Jensen, 2010

Per Bruus-Jensen 2010

Paradigm Shift

The Cosmic Worldview implies a paradigm shift: from a materialistic/ mechanistic worldview according to which chance and coincidence govern, towards an understanding of a reality according to which the universe is infinite and alive and where life is controlled and governed by an all-embracing universal consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature that are associated with it.

A Concise Synopsis of some Fundamentals in The Cosmic Worldview

An altogether novel concept of reality cannot be summarized in a few brief sentences. It is emphasized that the material below must be viewed as the briefest of summaries of only a few of the Cosmic Worldview’s leading, load-bearing themes and fundamentals:

The Nature of Energy and Matter. Describes how the fundamental energies constitute particles and matter, how particles actually are identical to these energies, although in a condensed form. In other words particles are just densified energy. Einstein’s famous formula, E = mc² is expanded to X2 = mc², followed by a clarification of the energy concept which is shown to be immaterial at its roots.

– Our Eternal Constitution and How we Survive “Death”. Very briefly, this is made possible by our paraphysical organism/ body. According to The Cosmic Worldview all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/ structure, which the physical body is completely dependent on. We are given an account of how this paraphysical body is constructed and how it operates, e.g., how the so-called “ability-nucs”/ talent cores, among other things, make it possible for us to take qualities, abilities and skills (which are a prerequisite for our development) with us from life to life. It should be pointed out that the ability-nucs are highly relevant in the field of epigenetics as they directly exert an influence on the genes of the DNA-spiral. Also explained is how life continues in a paraphysical sphere of existence after physical death and the course of events which leads to a new incarnation. “Death is Life´s greatest surprise” – Martinus.

 Consciousness, Experience, Perception, Qualia – What Consciousness de facto is and How all Experience of life takes place, including a solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness – the problem of experience; how and why we have qualia or phenomenal experiences. The paraphysical structures and their processes are highlighted which, side by side with the activities of the physical brain, constitute the foundation of our ability to experience, to remember, think, feel, etc. – in fact, of all activity in our consciousness. Viewed as organic factors, these paraphysical structures precede the physical body and can accordingly operate independently of it. As such, they contribute to ensuring the process of reincarnation or body-replacement, and thereby the individual’s ongoing course of personal evolution.

 What our “I” and our Soul de facto are, as well as how the central “power generator”, with its output of life force, is constituted and functions, and how it is the driver responsible for all of the human being’s mental activity; as such, it also presents a basic explanatory model for the human psychology in its entirety.

– How we can Influence our Future and our Fate, by highlighting the interaction of so-called free will with the natural laws and regularity prevailing in existence. Intrinsic insight is provided concerning the link between cause and effect, between initiatives and consequences.

– How we Develop through a Spirally-formed Evolution. Life takes the shape of an eternal rhythmic evolution, a constant renewal and development for absolutely all living beings. This takes place in the form of an expanding cosmic spiral gradually leading towards ever higher forms of life. Every spiral turn includes six fundamentally different planes of existence (corresponding to the Cosmos’ six main fields of consciousness) which all living beings in ever new ways wander through. The ongoing result of this spirally-formed evolution is an everlastingly renewed experience of life – an eternal evolution of consciousness.

 All Living Beings are Immortal Life-Units in an All-Embracing Life-Unity; an infinite, multidimensional Multiverse beyond time and space, a living, conscious Cosmos. “Nonduality”, we are “all one”, (many people of today have so-called “spontaneous cosmic glimpses” including experiences of oneness), the complementarity of wholeness/ oneness and duality/ separation, and also “the Structure of Entanglement” are described …

– The X-Structure; the Basic Nature of Life and Reality. Reality fundamentally is immaterial emptiness and stillness. (As this primordial form is unknown by man, the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen expressed it and the nature and structure of life and reality by the letter “X”.) The X-structure constitutes the very basic nature of Life and Reality. This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for everything including the infinite Cosmos – activating and transforming the emptiness and stillness into energy, force, movement, matter and life-experience/ consciousness. The primordial domain of existence “X0” is an all-embracing, unmanifested world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities and continuously activating an indivisible, integrated, Triune Operating Principle “X” with three functional aspects:

X1 – the Creating and Experiencing Something (the Subject/the I) – emptiness, stillness.
X2 – this Something’s Creative and Experiential Ability – energy (qualitative cosmic basic energies).
X3 – the Created and Experienced, i.e. X3 = the result of the interaction between the Subject (X1) and its Creative/Experiential Ability (X2) represented by movement including the material illusion as objective reality (X3 obj.) on one side – and – the experience of it as subjective reality/ consciousness (X3 subj.) on the other. X3 = energy conversion: X3 obj. = movement, X3 subj. = experience of movement, qualia.

The X-Structure also demonstrates the seven extremely subtle qualitative “Fundamental/Basic Energies” with specific characteristics. These basic energies build up everything in life and existence – from the most subtle, e.g. our thoughts, feelings, memories etc. to the very densest e.g. physical matter, black holes etc. One of the basic energies, the primary fundamental energy, operates via a number of so-called Cosmic Creative Principles/ Morphogenetic Effect Constants; formative principles and form-creating forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of these morphogenetic effect constants in the laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision etc. Creation involves conversion of energy and manifests itself as movement – the five universal classes of motion: 1.The Primordial motion (implies a positional motion “from A to B”) and the four so-called “derived motions” that we as humans know as: 2.Space, 3.Time, 4.Transformation/ change, 5.Matter. Motion is the most distinctive feature of life – movement is life in demonstration. Note that all motions of the Multiverse neutralize each other, confirming the all-embracing X0-nature of emptiness and stillness.
ONTOLOGY I – The X-Structure
ONTOLOGY II – The X-Structure


The Fundamental Energies and The Cosmic Creative Principles

As already mentioned the subtle, qualitative Fundamental energies (also called ‘Basic energies’) build up Everything in life and existence from the very densest physical matter to the most subtle that exists including our own consciousness (thoughts, feelings, memories, etc.). In order to illustrate the specific qualities, impacts and strengths of the energies, Martinus gave them different signature colours and numbers that he consistently used in his symbols. (Martinus created a special symbol-book The Eternal World Picture in 6 volumes to illustrate the Cosmic Worldview.) It should be emphasized that the fundamental/basic energies always operate together in different combinations (Martinus terms this topic Cosmic Chemistry).
Below follows a short presentation of the seven basic energies: name of energy – signature color and number illustrating relative strength of impact – very brief description summarizing the characteristics of the energy along with some of the instances in which the described energy dominates.

Mother energy (violet, 420) – the primary and supreme energy: 1. Generates, controls and co-ordinates the six other basic energies, also termed “working energies”. 2. Holds and operates via a number of so-called “Cosmic Creative Principles”, also termed “Morphogenetic Effect Constants”; formative and structuring forces that sustain and organize life and reality.
Additional information about the Mother energy follows below.

Instinct energy (red, 20): Automation, autonomy, automatic functions, tropisms, habitual patterns, routines, virtuosity, traditionalism, rituals, ability to believe and even fanaticism, dogmatism.

Expansion/Action energy (orange, 40) – in some English translations also known as “Gravity energy”, which is an earlier and unfortunately misleading term: Expansion, action, dynamism, manifestation, acting outwards, explosion, acceleration, heat, the main component of physical matter, “mass-function”*; responsible for what we term mass and the Higgs field. In consciousness this energy is emotionally expressed as aggressiveness, ruthlessness, egoism – destructive and even homicidal and killing activities.
The opposite qualities of the Expansion/Action energy are found in:

Contraction/Perception energy (yellow, 60) – also known as “Feeling energy”: Contraction, perception, registering, reception, regulation of dynamics, acting inwards, receiving activities, implosion, retardation, coldness, condensing effect, “gravity-function”*. In consciousness this energy is emotionally expressed as sensitivity, empathy, altruism, life-giving and loving activities.

* Additional information about the Expansion/Action energy “EAE” and the Contraction/Perception energy “CPE”: The interaction and tension between these two antagonistic energies constitute the very basis of what physicists term force, particles and matter. In brief: The dynamic EAE (under the influence of CPE) is the main component of physical matter, and thus responsible for what we call mass and the Higgs field. Physical matter is generated as a result of the tension between EAE and CPE. Physical matter consists of EAE (“mass-function”) condensed by CPE (“gravity-function”). In this context we refer to Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything -The Fundamenatl Energy Theory FET,  by Leif Pettersson (New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS).

Intelligence energy (green, 80): Analysis, logic, rationality, expediency, efficiency, recognition/identification, reflection, calculation, foresight, imagination.

Intuition energy (blue, 120): Synthesis, quintessence, instant understanding and knowing, penetrating, immediate insight, design and generation of ingenious ideas and perfected constructive creativity.

Memory energy (light indigo, 100) – also termed “Memory- and Bliss energy”: Accumulation, preservation, archiving, retrospection, remembrance. This energy is dominating in experiences of bliss, intense pleasure based on what Martinus terms “gold-copies”; cosmic chemically processed and refined sections of accumulated experiences/memories.

As mentioned, the Mother energy serves as the representative and source of the six other fundamental energies or ‘working energies’. These potentially exist as predispositions within the mother energy and in a ‘cosmo-chemical’ manner can be ‘exchanged’ as required and governed by the mother energy. The mother energy is also a guarantor of the cosmic world order, i.e. the appropriate functioning of the Multiverse/Cosmos as this is a result of the so-called ‘cosmic creative principles’ that according to Martinus exist within and constitute a hallmark of the mother energy. Per Bruus-Jensen explains:

The fact that the mother energy actually holds this extensive and profound influence is due to the creative ability (X2) that is both holistic and fully automatic and operates in accordance with a particular ‘program’. This is a special effect-program. It is to be noted that it is not random but very precise and as the only option allows the transformation of immaterial reality (X0) into an illusionistic material reality (X3) where the cosmic craetive principles (X2) play the roles of specific morphogenetic effect constants, each providing a distinctive contribution to the way the Cosmos is functioning and therefore, in their own way, leaving their marks on the manifested Multiverse. These marks also state the reason for the names Martinus attached to them – he termed the individual creative principles after the special effects they produce. It should be added that Life and Reality (‘the Cosmic World Order’) rest on the activity of more numerous creative principles than expressed here. Below follows a few of the most important creative principles:

Pole principle (The principle for the formation of poles) – effect: all ‘polar’ or dual conditions, such as plus/minus, North/South, he/she, sending/receiving of energy etc.

Contrast principle (The principle for the formation of contrast) – effect: all contrasts and antagonisms, such as day/night, light/dark, black/white, sour/sweet, good/evil, beautiful/ugly, joy/sorrow etc., (without contrast no experinece).

Perspective principle (The principle for the formation of perspective) – effect: all perspectival effects including dimensions, proportions, relationships in size, grading, distinctions in importance, hierarchical systems etc.

Motion principle (The principle for the formation of motion) – effect: all forms of movement – the Five Universal Classes of Motion: 1. the Primordial Motion (implies a positional motion “from A to B”) and the four so-called “derived motions” that we as humans know as: 2. space, 3. time, 4. transformation/change, 5. matter.

Cycle principle (The principle for the formation of cycles) – effect: all kinds of cycles. All movement occurs in cycles, every kind of movement in the entire Cosmos forms a circular path, (supplement below).

– Reincarnation principle (The principle for the formation of reincarnation) is a principle closely associated to the Cycle principle, functioning, amongst other things, as a ‘life renewer’ (exchange and renewal of physical bodies) in the physical world and is important to us in our development towards higher life forms.
– ‘The Law of Movement’ – all movement occurs in cycles. In the absolute sense the straight line does not exist, since it is always a part of a cycle. Every kind of movement in the entire Cosmos forms a circular path. If the energies were not bound in cycles, there would be no experience of life, no fate, no consciousness and no organisms. (Martinus’ Symbol no 15)
– ‘The Law of Karma’ everything (both positive and negative) that we ‘send out’ returns to us; the energies always return to their source in one form or another.

Matter- and Life-Unit principle (The principle for the formation of life-units) – effect: the split/division of matter/energy into units/quanta, such as elementary particles, cells, organs, organisms, planets, suns, galaxies etc. This principle is responsible for the manifested reality’s fractalized and quantized nature and impact, i.e. its division into units of any form, including organisms for living beings. This fractal impact is actually an expression of the fact that the living Cosmos, on the manifested level, has divided itself into living units – Triune Life-Units or ‘living beings’. The complementarity of wholeness/oneness and duality/separation, and also ‘the Structure of Entanglement’ are formed and explained mainly by this effect constant.

Ability-Nuc principle/Talent Core principle (The principle for the formatin of ability-nucs/talent cores) – effect: all accumulation of experiences into stable storage units ‘ability-nucs’ – which enable and enhance the reuse of the above mentioned experiences, these are important for learning, development, evolution etc. The ability-nucs/talent cores, make it possible for us to take qualities, abilities and skills with us from life to life (which is a prerequisite for our development). The Ability-Nuc principle is also highly relevant within the area of epigenetics as it is via these generated ability-nucs that an influence is exerted on the genes of the DNA-spiral. Namely, in the ‘top-down’ way in which the ability nucs/talent cores define and enforce the creation of new genes in the DNA-spiral, which in this context can be seen as a neutral ‘keyboard’ that ability nucs can ‘play’, thereby in an epigenetic way helping to determine the ‘music’; i.e. the actual evolution process. The ability-nuc principle may also help to explain the so-called evolutionary ‘leaps’, represented by the quite sudden appearance of new species as well as regeneration of extinct species given the ability to evolve into new species through the use of the great and abundant accumulation of ability nucs/talent cores brought from their previous existence (this subject area is described by Per Bruus-Jensen in Project LIFE – The Cosmic Evolution).

‘Parent principle’ (The principle for the formation of protection and teaching) – effect: all forms of protection, teaching, learning, training, education, caring, guidance etc.

You will find more comprehensive information about The X-Structure and The Fundamental Energies and The Cosmic Creative Principles on ONTOLOGY II – The X-Structure; the Basic Nature of Life and Reality.

New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

The Cosmic Worldview in Everyday Life

According to Martinus’ analysis, there is a meaning to everything that happens but in order to realize this, one must consider the development in a much longer perspective than humanity has succeeded so far.
Martinus’ Cosmology trains you how to see life from an eternal perspective and when you are able to translate this into your actions in everyday life, then you start to live according to the analysis by providing benefit and happiness for your fellow human beings and all other life on Earth.
It should be emphasized that this cosmology is pragmatic and easily adapted to everyday use. The Cosmic Worldview demonstrates that all forms of life and their varying existences are meaningful at both individual and universal levels.
The Cosmic Worldview provides logically consistent explanations of how Life and Existence are structured and function. In understanding this, humanity will develop a concern for all life that will translate into positive action. For the people of the future this will be the only possible way to live meaningfully. The project has already begun and each one of us can consciously choose to be a part of it.

New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP X-AIONS
The Cosmic Worldview – A New Understanding of Reality

NCP X-AIONS is an independent, non-profit organization (more information NCP X-AIONS in Brief) representing and working with the branch* of the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology that is building bridges to Science, focusing on the great issues about Life, “Death”, Consciousness and Reality posed by humanity and science. This branch is especially represented by the work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen, former trainee and collaborator with Martinus. An important addition to this field is the book Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything – The Fundamental Energy Theory/FET, by Leif Pettersson, published by New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS.
*You will find information about “the two branches” on the page Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm, under the section “The Two Branches”.

NCP X-AIONS is in the process of writing new material in English illustrating The Ontology of The Cosmic Worlview.

PER BRUUS-JENSEN´s extensive literary production is available in Danish and partly in Swedish, English translation is in progress,  SHOP & BOOK Presentations.

MARTINUS´ comprehensive literature including The Book of Life volumes 1-7, The Eternal Word Picture volumes 1-6, etc. is partly avaliable in English and published by the Martinus Institute and can be purchased from the Institute’s internet bookshop www.martinus.dk.