The Cosmic Worldview presents a New Ontology, in fact – a New Paradigm,New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS which replaces the old materialistic worldview where chance and coincidence govern, with a new, comprehensive world-picture illustrating a living, multidimensional, infinite Multiverse, and where life is controlled and governed by an all-embracing consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature. All living entities are immortal “life-units”, linked together and parts of this living and conscious Cosmos. A novel evolutionary perspective is also presented describing a constant renewal and development for all living beings – an eternal evolution of consciousness at all levels.

The Cosmic Worldview focuses on “The X-Structure” – the basic Nature of Life and Reality, which provides a profound solution to “The Hard Problem of Consciousness” (the mystery of Perception) and to “The Hard Problem of Reality” (the nature of objective reality).

This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for all living things – and its main function is continuous creation of consciousness; a forever ongoing transformation process of objective reality into subjective reality/life-experience. The X-structure demonstrates that all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal/eternal paraphysical body/structure with an “organic” system, to which the physical body is connected. This paraphysical structure exists and operates totally independently of the physical body. The activity/creation of perception is a very comprehensive process – by and for the I /the subject – which involves three main levels: physical, semiphysical (transforming link) and paraphysical. It is especially at the paraphysical level that objective reality is transformed into qualia; subjective, immaterial phenomena only existing for the I/the subject – “the subjective reality complex”.

The X-structure clearly demonstrates that life-experience/consciousness as such, does not exist inside the brain, but in an absolutely personal, immaterial world and reality that our personal I, in interaction with our total organism, particularly our paraphysical organism and its organic functions and processes, continuously generates.

The X-structure operates via the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process” X-RCT Process:  A Bidirectional Manifestation-Perception Process from Unmanifested Initial Reality into Manifested Objective Reality (manifestation) and the experience of it as Subjective Reality – Life-Experience/Consciousness (perception).

The understanding of this fundamental Structure of Life and the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process, gives an insight into reality as it is (the nature of objective reality) and, not least, the experience of it as qualia (the perception process and the subjective reality/consciousness).

Additional Information

The Living Being “X” and The X-Structure: According to the Cosmic Worldview the infinite, all-embracing and living Cosmos/multiverse is fundamentally a question of immaterial emptiness and stillness. As this primordial form is unknown by man, Martinus (see below) has chosen to express it and the nature and structure of life and reality by the letter “X”. Life and reality in its basic form cannot be explained by or compared to anything known, Martinus described and expressed it as: “a nameless Something, that is”.

The Cosmic Worldview is based on the knowledge conveyed by the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981), systematized and further developed by his former trainee and collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen. NCP X-AIONS is representing the Cosmic Worldview and the branch of Martinus Cosmology that is building bridges to Science. This branch is especially represented by the work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen and The X-Research Project by NCP X-AIONS.