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1.1 On the threshold of the Cosmic Paradigm – towards a Greater Reality
• What do we actually know?
• “The meeting between Science and Spirituality/ Spiritual Science”
• Paradigm shift
1.2 A New Understanding of Reality – A Cosmic Paradigm Shift


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2.1 Martinus – Martinus Cosmology
• Intuition and Spiritual Science
• From movement within matter – to manifestations of life
• Cosmic Science
• Science and fundamental aspects of reality
2.2 Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen – The Cosmic Worldview
2.3 ”The Two Branches”
• The Cosmic Worldview – Natural Science – Religion
2.4 Man and Reality – Understanding reality as it is
• A new age
• Universal knowledge through time – A new Cosmic World-Impulse
2.5 The Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology – Brief overview

3. LITERATURE and Further Reading


1.1 On the threshold the Cosmic Paradigm – towards a Greater Reality

What do we actually know? New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONSWhat do we actually know?

We live in a time of recurring crises and in a period of transition when, for increasing numbers of people, religion has played out its role as an explanation of existence and an answer to life’s greatest questions. And we also have to concede that the worldview which natural science presents is far from conclusive. For instance, traditional science is unable to explain what consciousness/ life-experience is, how and why we have subjective experience/qualia (the hard problem of consciousness, the explanatory gap, the mystery of perception, etc.). Based on more recent research, the question also arises as to whether consciousness is in fact independent of the physical body. For example, the well-known cardiologist Pim van Lommel presents in his book Consciousness Beyond Life, interesting facts that clearly indicate this and that life does not end with the condition we call “death”.
Furthermore, within particle physics there stands a barrier to further knowledge in the sense that the intrinsic nature of energy and matter remains unknown. Similarly, the riddle of gravity still baffles, as does that of time – the passing of time, which we all measure, and which, to a great extent, rules our lives.

Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.
John A. Wheeler (physicist)

When we delve into matter – “down” into the microcosm – the world of subatomic particles, we find that the so-called particles comprise an extremely tiny and elusive part of matter, and are constantly being displaced by an ever-expanding void which constitutes as much as 99,999…9%. Physicists refer to this as the zero-point field/ the quantum vacuum field, and posit that it is not empty but, on the contrary, contains inconceivable amounts of extremely subtle energy, so-called zero-point energy (vacuum energy). But this energy is also a mystery – we simply do not know what it is.
By means of the Large Hadron Collider, LHC in CERN, we seek to resolve how matter is pieced together, and hope thereby to understand how physical reality is constructed. We hunt for solutions and this spurs the quest for a “Theory of Everything” – in simplified terms; a theory which is both all-inclusive and all-explanatory of everything physical in the universe.
Regardless of whether we look “down” into the microcosm or “up” into the macrocosm, we find that there is always something that is even smaller or even larger. There seems to be no beginning or end…

At this stage we can already confirm that the Cosmic Worldview gives logical answers to, and explanations for, all the above questions and statements, and much more besides …

• The meeting between Science and Spirituality/ Spiritual Science

Science and Spirituality - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONSNatural science has really given us a lot, but it and its current instruments and research facilities are not enough. Many scientists speak today of “the meeting between Science and Spirituality”, (spirituality: expanding consciousness and intuitive knowledge), based on the fact that the former reflects parts of the latter’s wisdom and knowledge. An increasing number of scientific breakthroughs and findings about the nature of reality and consciousness show striking parallels with the knowledge and insights of many so-called mystics*. This is illustrated and exemplified in, for instance, the Danish book Mystik og Videnskab by Alex Riel, which provides a multifaceted and comprehensive orientation on the topic, and also worth mentioning is Bevidsthedens Evolution and Noetisk Naturfilosofi by the same author.

The renowned systems theorist Ervin Laszlo (philosopher of science, integral theorist) is similarly a true “bridge builder” in this field, and particularly his view on the zero-point field, as well as his theory of a conscious universe, and that physical reality rests upon an underlying immaterial reality. The scientists Menas Kafatos (physicist) and Robert Nadeau, and several others, also describe a conscious universe. And within astrophysics we have, for example, the new Cyclic Universe theory – Endless Universe introduced by the well-known physicists Paul Steinhart and Niel Turok. According to their theory, the Big Bang was not the beginning of time, but the bridge to a past filled with endlessly repeating cycles of evolution, each accompanied by the creation of new matter and the formation of new galaxies, stars, and planets.
Roger Penrose, mathematician, physicist and philosopher of science, (Nobel laureate in Physics 2020) also presents in Cycles of Time, material that suggests that our universe is neither the first nor the last, but is, on the contrary, an endless process with recurring “Big-Bangs” where one universe replaces the other. – I.e. there is no beginning and there is no end …

There may have been many big bangs, one of which created our universe. The other bangs created other universes.
Brian Greene (physicist and mathematician)

An eternal, infinite and living multidimensional Cosmos is fundamental and central to the knowledge that many intuitives and mystics* have conveyed through the ages. Of course, it is a dizzying thought that “everything”, the whole of reality and existence – including life and consciousness – is eternal and infinite… and this, amongst many other things, requires a completely new approach and understanding of reality, a new paradigm; “New Cosmic Paradigm”.

In this context, we would like to refer to “Outlook” on Science of Consciousness and Reality” which also provides glimpses from the annual international interdisciplinary conference “The Science of Consciousness” TSC (CCS, the University of Arizona), which addresses issues and research regarding consciousness, existence, life, evolution and what we call reality. See also “Ontology I – The X-Structure”

*) Mystic: from the Greek ‘mystés’, i.e. someone who has recourse to knowledge from within, from his or her own innermost reaches, unaided by schooling, tuition and theory, intuitive knowledge and insight. Mystics have existed through the ages and in all cultures. They claim, among many other things, that the entire Cosmos is conscious and alive, and that life has a superior purpose.

Paradigm shift

A true pioneer in this context is the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981, introduced below) who, based on his penetrating intuitive knowledge, insight and experience presented an altogether new worldview; the Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology which also provides logical and coherent answers to the overarching existential questions: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life and existence?

Danger – don’t go too far …!!

We live in a most exciting, but also stressful, time of crises, when many events emphatically show that our current materialistic worldview is in the process of being replaced with a new insightful understanding of life and reality – A new Paradigm.
Paradigm shifts are both profound and all-inclusive and are often perceived as threatening. And there is, as in many other contexts, a natural resistance to the new and also a fear of change and everything that this must inevitably involve. Think, for example, of the former geocentric worldview, when it was even a criminal offence to claim that the Earth was not actually the center of the universe. And further, there was a time when the Earth was thought to be flat and people were terrified to go too far afield for fear of “falling over the edge”! Indeed, it can sometimes seem easier and safer to stay with the old and familiar…

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein (physicist, Nobel laureate in Physics)

All truths pass through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

 1.2 A New Understanding of Reality – A Cosmic Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift away from a materialistic, mechanistic worldview according to which chance and coincidence govern; towards an understanding of reality according to which the Universe is infinite and alive and where life and evolution are controlled and governed by an all-embracing consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature. The Universe is presented as multidimensional, infinite and eternal and is essentially of immaterial aspect and status, completely in harmony with the knowledge that is now being approached in the natural sciences, not least via particle physics and astrophysics. Life and consciousness are revealed as eternal realities. That which we call “death”, just means that life continues for a time in another dimension – a transition from life in the physical world to a continuation of life in a paraphysical* world/dimension. We are all immortal “life-units” of the infinite, multidimensional, living and all-embracing Cosmos.

*Paraphysical: comprising “finer”, more subtle form of energy/matter with higher frequencies based on and functioning according to different constants and laws of nature compared to the physical world.

Join us as we step over the threshold into the New Paradigm
and meet a Greater Reality …


2.1 Martinus – Martinus Cosmology

Martinus © Martinus Institut DK

Martinus 1934 © Martinus Institut DK

The Danish intuitive philosopher and mystic Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981), commonly known as Martinus, was born in Sindal, a small village in the countryside to the north of Jutland, and grew up in modest circumstances. His education at the regular elementary school only consisted of a few lessons per week. Later on, he went to work as a dairyman, and he described himself as “an altogether unread person”. Even at an early age, Martinus thought deeply about religious and existential issues.

In the spring of 1921, having read a book on the practice of meditation, he felt inspired to try it for himself. As a result of this practice, he had several unexpected intuitive experiences that also opened up a new area of perception for him (Martinus och det levande världsalltet – in Swedish). Martinus explained that he had reached an expanded state of consciousness which he termed “cosmic consciousness”, and this profoundly changed his life. From this new state of awareness, he could “see through” the physical world to an underlying paraphysical reality and through intuition penetrate the structure of life and reality. Via intuition, he obtained access to what he called an “ocean of wisdom”, (a vast cosmic “database” of information and knowledge).

Martinus 1921 © Martinus Institut DK

Martinus 1921 © Martinus Institut DK

Truly, Martinus was gifted with a definite and unique intuitive ability. During his lifetime, he presented, through texts and symbols, a completely new world-picture: Martinus Cosmology (see below), describing a living, eternal and infinite Cosmos. His work includes extensive and profound analyses and explanations of life, evolution and reality – the fundamental principles and nature of all existence.
Martinus’ main work is represented by The Book of Life, (Livets Bog) vol. I-VII and The Eternal World-Picture, vol. I-V, followed by a long line of complementary books, articles and other writings.

It should be emphasized that Martinus strongly encourages and urges us to make our own explorations of life and nature to verify his teachings, and not blindly to believe everything he has conveyed.

Martinus first referred to his intuitive knowledge as “spiritual science”, but realized that the name could seem strange, provocative and frightening to many. Then, in 1959, his student and later collaborator, Per Bruus-Jensen (see below), suggested the name “Martinus Cosmology” based on “Cosmology”, meaning the knowledge and science of the ordered Cosmos. Martinus immediately agreed and implemented the name change, also changing the name of his institute on Mariendalsvej in Copenhagen from “Martinus Åndsvidenskabelige (Spiritual Science) Institut” to “Martinus Institut”, (and the institute’s information magazine was named “Cosmos”). See Archive and History.

Martinus was a very warm, generous and sincere person, empathetic, considerate, cheerful and with a delightful sense of humor.
Welcome to Martinus “Photo Gallery”. We also recommend the following videos which are easy and illustrative introductions to Martinus Cosmology (the material contains some simplifications):  “The Life-Changing Cosmology“, by Gunnar Fernlund (Soulfoods Publishing) and Martinus – the Man and his Cosmology (biography and introduction) by JK Videoproduktion: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbc4NZTrzpM&t=1s

Below some examples of Martinus’ symbols illustrating the Eternal World picture, the symbols are explained in detail in his literature.

Martinus Symbols 28 13 36

From Movement within Matter – To Manifestations of Life

Today’s science is in principle obliged to observe and intelligently analyse movement within matter. Martinus stresses that scientists of the future will have a burgeoning intuition at their disposal. These researchers will become capable of seeing and understanding that in a living Cosmos actually this movement within matter is an expression of life and the consciousness of its living beings with their unceasing will to create and experience the myriad different possibilities of existence. Martinus thus points to motion as being the most distinctive feature of life – movement is life in a demonstration.
It should be emphasized that Martinus encourages us not to blindly believe anything he has imparted but, on the contrary, make our own explorations of life and nature to verify his teachings.

Cosmic Science

Martinus working 1961, Photo PBJ

Martinus working 1961, Photo PBJ

Martinus acknowledged his support of the expression ‘the meeting between science and spirituality’, and emphasized that natural science (and other traditional sciences) and the spiritual science – especially the one based on intuition which he himself was instrumental in founding – would sooner or later unite and become one science; an all-comprehensive new Cosmic Science. In addition he also unreservedly emphasized the value of natural science, and ‘how important and indispensable’* it is for mankind’s evolution by ‘developing our ability to fuse with a higher state of consciousness’. **
*) The Book of Life, (Livets Bog) vol. 1, pce. 136; **) The Book of Life, (Livets Bog) vol. 1, pce. 230.

The following quotations from Martinus’ main works, The Book of Life, and The Eternal World-Picture express this clearly:

Since science represents the initial incipient understanding of the cosmos and existence, it constitutes the periphery of the cosmic- or psycho-spiritual world. It is the early emergence of cosmic consciousness. It is the fresh tangy marine air in the proximity of the ocean. Modern science will become incontestable evidence for the fact that terrestrial humankind is being highly intellectualized. Remove science from Man’s consciousness and the remainder in it is merely a primitive animal consciousness which could respond to only crude stimuli. (The Book of Life, vol. 1, pce. 180)

The purely materialistic world-picture can therefore only put forward a picture of an ocean of highly heterogeneous types of movements, without the same science realizing that they are the expressions of the life or consciousness which exist behind them. Yet this science is nonetheless absolutely essential for mankind, and will gradually become clarified and conjoin with the cosmic science of spirit. Thus these two sciences will progressively become the one science that will be the absolute truth and, as such, constitute conclusive solution to the mystery of life; inasmuch as materialistic science should naturally be seen as the introduction to this solution or revelation at the level of materiality or in the area of the purely physical. (The Eternal World-Picture, vol. 1, page 84)

Also added are a few words from one of our time’s most distinguished scientists:

The cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive that should drive scientific research.
Albert Einstein (informally quoted)

The Two ‘Aspects’ of Existence

One can with simplification illustrate the prevailing situation within natural science by referring to a book: One is familiar with its physical/material aspect; one has heaps of physical data such as measurements, mass, paper quality, the number of pages, the different fonts of the letters, their sizes, the format and the like.
In other words, one has amassed much detailed and valuable information about the physical/ material aspect of the ‘book’, and the research of this aspect has by now reached the stage where one is beginning to suspect that all the ‘written characters’ in the ‘book’ may actually have significance and content. If this is indeed so, one is logically beginning to conclude that a sentient and creating consciousness could exist behind it all.
With the pure physical/ material as departure point, then, one approaches the paraphysical and psycho-spiritual, immaterial content which is invisible to physical vision. Of course, one is unable with the prevailing scientific instruments and research facilities to explore this immaterial content but, according to Martinus, this is indeed possible via the cosmic science and the intuitive cognitive method. With the help of these advantages one is empowered to both read the text and understand the content, and one can therefore refer to this ability as having become a ‘cosmic semiotician’ i.e. as one who is capable of ‘semiotics’ at the cosmic level.

 Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen
– The Cosmic World-Picture

Per Bruus-Jensen and Martinus 1961

Per Bruus-Jensesn & Martinus 1961

In the summer of 1957, the then 25-year old Per Bruus-Jensen (1932-) came into contact with Martinus, and this was the beginning of a two-decade-long close alliance and teamwork between them. At Martinus’ initiative, their collaboration during the first ten years was characterized by intensive tuition, using the practice of questions and answers between pupil and master. These discussions were often strenuous for both parties:
For Martinus, with access to his intuitive, and for him self-evident, knowledge, it was at times difficult to accept that something remained opaque and unclear.
For especially this reason, though, it could be equally difficult for Per Bruus-Jensen (PBJ), with his insistence for systematization and ‘technical’ precision, to explicate for Martinus wherein the opaqueness de facto consisted so that he could address the problem. The moment this succeeded, however, the answer and solution were nearly always immediately forthcoming.
Please see “Archive & History” for more information about Martinus´ ten years of daily tuition of PBJ and the mission that Martinus assigned to PBJ, namely to specify, systematize and codify the intuitive knowledge that Martinus conveyed, which would also equip him for his later work; pursuing the creation of connections between this Cosmology and Natural science; i.e. between Spirituality and Science. In the book SOL & MÅNE (The Sun & the Moon) PBJ describes  Martinus´ teaching to him/PBJ.

Martinus had inter alia the following to say about PBJ and his work:

He plays a most significant role in my mission and the seminal future of our shared cause. He is absolutely the one who stands tallest when it comes to understanding my cosmic analyses. In all the analyses I have created to date he has been able to follow me, and he has also himself begun to have intuitive experiences.

It has become Per’s task to systematize the material, because this I am not particularly adept at doing.

Refer  Archive & History.

It should also be mentioned that Martinus’ teaching and his discussions with Per Bruus-Jensen dealt at times with topics and areas which Martinus has not himself put forward in his own literature, but which for the major part are to be found in Per Bruus-Jensen’s production.
Subsequent to his years with Martinus, PBJ has, using an interdisciplinary approach on a broad front, spent much of his life in bridging the divide which, though narrowing, still exists between Martinus Cosmology and natural science. And the outcome is remarkable. With Martinus’ world-picture as basis, PBJ’s literary production presents a description of reality as it de facto exists, and which accordingly will lead to a significant paradigm shift:

  • a shift away from a materialistic mechanistic world-picture where life is reduced to nothing more than the tiniest of outcrop or side-effect of haphazard forces and chance combinations of matter. Life is viewed here as a thin, accidental sliver sandwiched – even also on just this one planet – between the boundless immensity of both microcosm and macrocosm, thereby relegating all the infinite remainder of the cosmos to nothing more than, at best, some starry entertainment on a cloudless night;
  • to a new cosmic world-picture in which all of this microcosm and macrocosm become one singularity, become a living habitat or the one and only living All-being who throughout its infinite and eternal reaches is that ‘Something’ in which a boundless multitude of living beings live, move and have their existence. All of them subject to this Totality-being’s ubiquitous and suffusing consciousness which directs and regulates them via the creative activity we call evolution. Yet a cosmos which, despite the existence of all the above-mentioned features, rests upon a foundation which is the quintessence of immateriality, a fact which the many conclusions within particle physics and astrophysics are supporting to an ever-widening extent.
Per Bruus-Jensen NCP X-AIONS

Per Bruus-Jensen 2007

Thus the Cosmic Worldview demonstrates how existence, its evolution and all forms of life in it are interrelated with a purpose that is both profound and reliable. And a purpose, moreover, which has been steeped in logical substantiation. As has its claim that the fundamental note in the eternal cosmos is an integrated harmony of intelligence, wisdom and love. With the cosmic paradigm as key, logical and consistent answers to all the basic existential questions can be unlocked and the mysteries solved. Life and the experience of it, for which an essential consciousness is needed, are revealed to be three of the timeless characteristics of reality, in such a way that concepts like immortality and reincarnation become natural and logical outcomes of the way this reality is arranged. That which we call ‘death’ is actually little more than a portal through which the same life can temporarily continue, but in a paraphysical dimension, after which we once again return via birth to the physical world and dimension. In other words, the cosmic worldview generates hope for the future. To repeat: we are all immortal fragments of an infinite totality – a fact which many mystics have insisted on through the ages and today more people begin to have a glimpse of this through their own so-called ‘experiences of oneness’. It is also emphasized that much of the knowledge which we now are approaching within natural science (especially within physics), as well as the more insightful understanding of reality which flows from it, are in many instances the occasion of existential conclusions which are entirely in line with the cosmic paradigm, and as it in different ways have been expressed by several of our time’s greatest scientists and theorists such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, John Wheeler, David Bohm and others. Per Bruus-Jensen “Photo Gallery”

As a man who has devoted his entire life to the ‘hardest’ of sciences, namely the exploration of matter, I can upon the basis of a study of the atom declare that matter as such does not exist! All matter is created by a force that makes the atomic particles vibrate and cluster in these miniature solar systems … And behind this force we must assume the existence of consciousness and intelligent design. And it is this design which is all matter’s true origin.
Max Planck

The Two Branches”

Martinus Cosmology is characterized by two main ‘branches’, each of which addresses itself to people’s diverse needs and preferences.

In the twilight of his life, Martinus gathered his own entire production: The Book of Life, vol. I-VII; The Eternal World-Picture, vol. I-VI; a long line of complementary books; articles and other writings, and grouped them under the collective name, The Third Testament, which presents a new world picture. At first glance, this work looks as if it is aimed at people searching for logical explanations of the content within religions. Martinus also clarifies evident misunderstandings and misinterpretations. In other words, this branch of Martinus Cosmology is instrumental in bringing about an intellectualization of the content of religions, using Christianity as its point of departure. It was natural for Martinus to relate his intuitive cosmic knowledge mainly to Christianity, since this cultural tradition played the decisive role as the all-dominating element in his background as a child during the 1890s and early 1900s. This branch is mainly represented by The Martinus Institute in Copenhagen, which is ensuring and providing Martinus´ extensive production.

The other branch focuses on the Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview and has an ontological and scientific bent and character, denoted by its profound analyses and definitions of the fundamental principles and structures in the Cosmic Worldview. Martinus laid the foundation for this branch in his own work, and further by personally tutoring Per Bruus-Jensen and assigning to him the specific mission to systematize, specify and concretize and thereby further develop the intuitive knowledge that Martinus himself conveyed. It should also be mentioned that Martinus’ teaching and his discussions with Per Bruus-Jensen dealt at times with topics and areas which Martinus has not himself put forward in his own literature, but which for the major part are to be found in Per Bruus-Jensen’s production. In brief, the direct aim of this branch of Martinus Cosmology is to present ontological principles and New Science and, accommodating natural science and contributing to the development of a new all-embracing “Cosmic Science”. This branch is especially represented by the comprehensive work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen and the X-Research Project by New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS*, focusing on the ontology of Martinus Cosmology – the Cosmic Worldview.

*The background to and aim of New Cosmic Paradigm Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science – NCP X-AIONS is to continue implementing Per Bruus-Jensen’s work, and presenting the Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview. A work and project in close cooperation with Per Bruus-Jensen made possible by his extensive teaching that, for many years, he imparted to the founders of NCP X-AIONS. This branch is especially represented by the comprehensive work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen and the X-Research Project by NCP X-AIONS, focusing on the ontology of Martinus Cosmology – the Cosmic Worldview, more information at NCP X-AIONS in Brief.

It should be added that many are inspired by both branches. They complement each other, and help us to a more profound understanding of life and reality, and thereby developing and acting with an ever deeper sense of responsibility, empathy and care for all life – fellow humans, animals, nature, the whole planet.

In 1972 Martinus planted a commemoration oak at his childhood home in Sindal, and it stands as a beautiful and striking illustration of the ‘two sides’ of the Cosmic Worldview. The oak’s trunk soon divides into two branches which can be viewed as a symbolic confirmation that the two aspects of Martinus Cosmology find expression in two main directions as answer to, and accommodation of, people’s different needs and preferences. But it is to be stressed that the branches emanate from the same trunk, and the nourishment is received by them from the same roots. And the lofty branches grow together into a beautiful crown and there form a unity. In other words, the division of the cosmic world-picture into two ‘branches’ is only temporary, and symbolizes two paths which are sure to lead to the same oneness, to the same profound holistic understanding and awareness of Life and a Greater Reality …

Martinus' Childhood Home Sindal DK
Martinus' Childhood Home Sindal DK
Martinus' Oak and the two Branches

The Cosmic World-Picture – Natural Science – Religion

The cosmic paradigm will naturally and cognitively result in a new feeling of responsibility to our planet that has not formerly been seen. There will be a new realization of the way our short term aims based on quick gains (‘business as usual’) have set our world on a dangerous trajectory.
The cosmic worldview will liberate natural science from its bleak materialism and atheism. This new cosmic oriented natural science will, via its technological ‘spin offs’ and through a profound understanding of reality lead our emotional lives into positive and constructive avenues so that we will be freed from the dangers now threatening all life on Earth.
This new awareness will also move humanity beyond the dogma and surmise of religion to an unbiased view of the whole religious side of life. The ‘scientification’ also of this aspect of existence confirms that the two ‘cultures’ of the cosmic worldview are two sides of the same coin: the Cosmic Paradigm.

One cannot solve problems with the same thinking that caused them.
Albert Einstein (informally quoted)

To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.
The Secret Teaching of All Ages

The mystical is the most amazing experience we can have. It is the source of all genuine art and science.
Albert Einstein (informally translated)

Man and Reality – to understand reality as it de facto exists

Much points to the fact that humanity’s main problem is principally of an ontological nature, i.e. has its cause in an immature and thereby flawed grasp of what reality de facto is, not least of which is the fundamental natural law that we are all actors who personally to the tiniest details shape both our individual and collective fate and our future. It is upon the basis of this coherence, between the individual’s insight – or lack of it – into reality contra his or her creation of fate, that Martinus pronounces that: ‘wherever ignorance is eliminated, there the so-called evil ceases to exist’. It must be added that the ‘ignorance’ to which Martinus refers, includes both intellectual, emotional and moral aspects. Quite simply, our flawed grasp of reality leads us to act in many areas in near total blindness. We may imagine that we understand the interaction between cause and effect, but do so tangibly in only the most narrow of scenarios. But beyond the pure physical areas we are ignorant of the link between consequences and their physically invisible origins. It is in this ignorance we find the causes of war, conflicts, maltreatment, abuse, disease and environmental disturbances, as well as the exploitation of human beings, animals and nature. Plus, finally, the many other negative and destructive effects that are occurring at several different levels as a consequence of the way we act. Once we understand reality as it de facto exists, everything will automatically become very different …

In other words, the content of the cosmic world-picture assists us in arriving at a more insightful understanding of reality, in the wake of which we will reach a higher level of consciousness, accompanied by behavioral patterns that then will be based upon loftier value norms, i.e. upon an ethic and a morality that lead to true altruism.
The paradigm shift from a materialistic conception of reality where barren randomness is purported to be master of it all, to the cosmic insight that a boundless totality, with everything in it, is alive, and where this life and its evolution is directed by a consciousness which permeates it all, leads quite naturally to a sweeping and positive transformation of seminal significance for us all: for the individual, society, the milieu and all of our surroundings (nature, health, economy, egalitarian dignity, education, judicial system, etc.). – And here we have already begun to take the first tentative steps, especially through the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations, as well as vide a burgeoning eco-conscientiousness, and our efforts at ratifying the criteria governing equal rights and justice, etc.

A New Age

Once we have insight and understanding of the following:New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

  • that we are all immortal constituents of a boundless unity;
  • that we ourselves create our fate and future;
  • that all lives are eternal and that what we call ‘death’ is merely an expression for life temporarily continuing in another dimension;
  • that the true range of the law governing cause and effect, which includes the deeper relationship between thoughts and deeds and their inevitable consequences, etc.

then also our attitude towards life will undergo a profound transformation. And in its wake radical changes of society will follow as a natural consequence. In other words: Concurrently with the enhancement of our understanding about the innermost nature of life and reality, we will together be able to create a new and better world, an existence which increasingly will be characterized by a high-intellectual application of love and logic for all living beings.

We invite you to join us; stride across the threshold to a New Paradigm, towards a Greater Reality …

Life’s most distinctive feature is motion and experience.
Boundlessness is the immovability from which all motion can be observed.
Consciousness is the experience of that motion.
To deny that there is ‘Something’ which experiences is impossible,
without simultaneously denying one’s own existence …
Martinus (informally quoted)

Universal Knowledge Through Time

– A New Cosmic World-Impulse

It should be added that Martinus Cosmology in representing the Cosmic Worldview, is an evolved and detailed in-depth continuation and ‘update’ of the universal knowledge that through time has been transmitted by ‘precursors’, mystics and the wise in both East and West, e.g. the Indian wisdom tradition, Sufi masters, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus amongst others. This knowledge and these messages have been related in a simplified and often metaphorical way through myths and parables adapted so that people would be able to grasp the knowledge through the frame of reference and general level of development of their time.

Evolution is now accelerating enormously and is astounding, for instance think of the progress within science and technology during the past 100 years … The Cosmic Worldview that Martinus presents in our time has been adapted to our era and the level of development, intelligence and modern natural science that we possess today. This simply represents what Martinus terms a new ‘cosmic world-impulse’ (evolutionary impulse), adapted to us here and now. Whilst Martinus is the conveyor and precursor, with time there surely will come others. However we have not found a theory that demonstrates and includes such a comprehensive, detailed and logical description of reality. You may find parts and fragments in many theories but the wholeness and level of detail is missing. In this context we wish to refer to the 9 points presented in ‘A Concise Synopsis of some fundamentals in The Cosmic Worldview’ below which succinctly illustrates the extensive character of the Cosmology.

As mentioned Martinus in this life was an uneducated man therefore he had difficulties connecting his intuitive knowledge to modern science and this became mainly the task of Per Bruus-Jensen. After more than 10 years of Martinus’ intensive daily education PBJ has devoted his life to systematizing and developing Martinus’ deep and comprehensive intuitive knowledge. He has also built bridges to different areas within the natural sciences. The old wisdom and knowledge tradition have been presented in a new, extensive and detailed way that answers the big issues in modern science and also humanity’s need for a new worldview and understanding of life and reality.

It has become my task to show the world that life is not a mystery.

The abilities that I have are merely what all human beings before me have had and all others after me will have, absolutely without exception. There is therefore in the literature and symbols itself nothing to either worship or thank me for. It has been a wonderful, divine experience to bring the eternal light into a world in which human beings are still to a large extent suffering in the dark.


New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

2.5 Brief Overview – Some of the Fundamentals and Principles of
The Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology

  1. Life and Consciousness Beyond Death – Existence and Immortality – How we Survive Death, read more…
  2. Consciousness – The Perception Process and Qualia – Physical and Paraphysical Structures, read more …
  3. A New Psychology – Free Will – Future and Fate, read more …
  4. The Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral – A New Era in Biology – Physical and Paraphysical Dimensions, read more …
  5. The Sexual Evolution – The Transformation of the Poles – From Egoism to Altruism, read more …
  6. The All-Embracing Cosmos – Life-Units and Life within Life – The Structure of Entanglement, read more …
  7. The X-Structure; the Nature of Life, Consciousness and Reality – The X-RCT Process, read more …
  8. The Five Universal Classes of Motion, read more …
  9. The Qualitative Cosmic Basic (Fundamental) Energies and the Cosmic Creative Principles, read more …
  10. The Nature of Energy and Matter – A New Physics, read more …
  11. The Theory of Everything and The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET, read more …
  12. Spiritual Science and Intellectualizing of the Content of Religions, read more …

The Beauty of live - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

Literature of Martinus & Per Bruus-Jensen

and Further Reading


Martinus´ extensive literature including The Book of Life volumes 1 – 7, The Eternal Word Picture, volumes 1 – 6, etc. is partly available in English and published by the Martinus Institute and can be purchased from the Institute’s internet bookshop www.martinus.dk.


Per Bruus-Jensen´s extensive literary production is available in Danish and partly in Swedish,  an English translation is in progress, Book Presentations & Shop.

NCP X-AIONS is in the process of writing new material in English illustrating the Ontology of  The Cosmic Worldview.


Further readings that illustrate the New Paradigm in various ways:
(The following list shows just a selection from a wide range which, due to the rapidly increasing number of works, has not been actively and regularly updated after 2014).

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