Part 1
A Brief Introduction; Background and Ontological Perspective

Although natural science has created the foundation of our modern technological society, it cannot explain what the physical world essentially consists of and what it really is. The same is true for consciousness; traditional science does not know what it is. In fact, both our inner and outer worlds are a mystery. Martinus Cosmology delineating The Cosmic Worldview involves a completely new description of life and reality that provides logical and consistent answers to these puzzles, and thereby also sheds light on the reflection of the world-famous physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking: “Now we know in broad terms how the universe works. But we do not know why it works. Or why it exists at all”.
Entirely new and groundbreaking evolutionary perspectives are also presented, signifying a new era in Biology. Describing a constant renewal and development for all living beings – an eternal evolution of life and consciousness.

Martinus is part of a long tradition of mystics* and intuitive philosophers who claim to have access to intuitive insights about the nature of both the world and consciousness, and an all encompassing knowledge of how life and existence are designed. What is special however about Martinus’ work is that it presents a logical and comprehensive description of reality that allows the reader to understand the universe as a conscious, infinite multidimensional Cosmos functioning in a lawful manner following eternal principles.

*) Mystic: from the Greek ‘mystés’, i.e. someone who has recourse to knowledge from within, from his or her own innermost reaches, unaided by schooling, tuition and theory. Mystics have existed through the ages and in all cultures. They claim, among many other things, that the universe – indeed, the entire Cosmos – is a living organism with life experience and consciousness, and that life has a superior purpose.

As mentioned under the section “Martinus – Martinus Cosmology”, on the page Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm, Martinus (1890-1981) describes himself as unschooled since the education he received as a child in a country school consisted of nothing more than a few hours weekly for only five years. During the spring of 1921, Martinus tried to meditate and as a result had several unexpected, intuitive experiences, reaching an expansive state of consciousness based on something that he came to call “cosmic consciousness”. This led to a profound transformation that meant among other things that he had access to a universal and all-embracing information and knowledge bank via intuition, an ‘ocean of wisdom’ to use his own words.

In 1958 Martinus gave his student and later collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen/PBJ (1932 -) the task of systematizing and connecting his intuitive knowledge to modern science. He tutored PBJ on a daily basis for more than a decade for this purpose. PBJ has since devoted his entire life to systematizing, clarifying and further developing Martinus’ deep and extensive intuitive knowledge and to building bridges to different fields of science. It is in this manner that the old mystical tradition of wisdom and knowledge is presented in a novel, comprehensive and detailed manner that responds to the major issues in modern natural science and meets the needs for a new worldview and a different more profound understanding of reality. (See also the section “Martinus & Per Bruus-Jensen – the Cosmic World-Picture” on the page Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm.

In this context, we refer to the writings of Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen. The following by PBJ provides a systematic detailed description of the Cosmic Worldview and its substance: X” – A Complete Introduction to Martinus Cosmology, (“The X-Work”), four volumes of about 2000 pages, and Existence and Immortality – on the Ontology of Martinus Cosmology, two volumes of about 600 pages. The latter work also includes a tightly argued confrontation with the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution. This presents Martinus’ view as an alternative in which evolution is a conscious project that is initiated and prepared for in high frequency paraphysical worlds/dimensions – this topic is supplemented in an independent book entitled Project LIFE/Projekt Liv  (2012). (The books by PBJ are in Danish, translation to English in progress).

We will now very briefly introduce some fundamentals in the Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview described by Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen.

Martinus © Martinus Institut DK

Martinus 1934

X – A Complete Introduction to Martinus Cosmology – The X-Work,Vol. 1-4

Per Bruus-Jensen NCP X-AIONS

Per Bruus-Jensen 1972

The X-Structure; the Basic Nature of Life, Consciousness and Reality

Reality fundamentally is immaterial emptiness and stillness. (As this primordial form is unknown by man, Martinus expressed it and the nature and structure of life and reality by the letter “X”.) The X-structure constitutes the very basic nature of Life, Consciousness and Reality. This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for everything that exists, has existed and will exist. The X-structure is activating and transforming the emptiness and stillness into energy, force, movement, matter and qualia, experience/ consciousness.

The primordial domain of existence “X0” is an all-embracing, unmanifested world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities. The X0-nature is continuously generating an indivisible, integrated, Triune Operating Principle “X” with three functional aspects:

X1 – the Creating and Experiencing Something (the  Subject/ the “I”) – emptiness, stillness.
X2 – this Something’s Creative and Experiential Ability – energy (qualitative cosmic basic energies).
X3 – the Created and Experienced, i.e. X3 = the result of the interaction between the I/the Subject (X1) and its Creative/Experiential Ability (X2) represented by movement including the material illusion as objective reality (X3 obj.) on one side – and – the experience of it as subjective reality/ consciousness (X3 subj.) on the other. X3 = energy conversion: X3 obj. = movement, X3 subj. = experience of movement, qualia.

The X-Structure also demonstrates the seven extremely subtle qualitative “Cosmic Basic Energies” (or “Fundamental Energies” with specific characteristics. These basic energies build up everything in life and existence – from the most subtle, e.g. our thoughts, feelings, memories etc. to the very densest e.g. physical matter, black holes etc. One of the basic energies, the primary fundamental energy, operates via a number of so-called “Cosmic Creative Principles”/ “Morphogenetic Effect Constants”; formative principles and form-creating forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of these morphogenetic effect constants in the laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision etc. Creation involves conversion of energy and manifests itself as movement – the five universal classes of motion: 1.The Primordial motion (implies a positional motion “from A to B”) and the four so-called “derived motions” in our physical world known as 2.Space, 3.Time, 4.Transformation/ change, 5.Matter. Motion is the most distinctive feature of life – movement is life in a demonstration. Note that all motions of the Multiverse neutralize each other, confirming the all-embracing X0-nature of emptiness and stillness.

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ONTOLOGY I – The X-Structure
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We also recommend the following page “Supplementary Information to Ontological Presentations and Symbols/Diagrams (Xom3)”, (not least to those of our readers who are familiar with Martinus Cosmology), which includes background perspectives and further developments with comparative and explanatory text, special terms, classifications, references to Martinus’ concepts and terminology, different translations of designations and terms, etc.

A very short summary of The Fundamental Energies (Basic Energies)  and The Cosmic Creative Principles

Associated with the fundamental energies, we wish to mention that Leif Pettersson in his groundbreaking book Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything 2012 presents The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET that describes two of the basic energies: expansion energy and contraction energy that are shown to have a crucial importance for what we term physical matter. The subtle, qualitative, fundamental energies build up Everything in Life and Existence from the very densest physical matter to the most subtle that exists including our own consciousness (thoughts, feelings, memories, etc.). We can recognize these basic energies in everything and everywhere, both in our outer and inner worlds. They have specific qualities and also different impacts and strengths. In order to illustrate this, Martinus gave them different signature colours and numbers that he consistently used in his symbols. (Martinus created a special symbol-book The Eternal World Picture in 6 volumes to illustrate the Cosmic Worldview.) It should be emphasized that the fundamental/ basic energies always operate together in different combinations (Martinus terms this topic Cosmic Chemistry).

Below follows a short presentation of the seven basic energies: name of energy, signature color and number illustrating relative strength of impact, very brief description summarizing the characteristics of the energy along with some of the instances in which the described energy dominates, (see also table “The Basic Energies – Overview”).

The Seven Qualitative Basic/ Fundamental  Energies

Mother energy (violet, 420) – the primary and supreme energy: 1. Generates, controls and co-ordinates the six other basic energies, also termed “working energies”. 2. Holds and operates via a number of so-called “Cosmic Creative Principles”, also termed “Morphogenetic Effect Constants”; formative and structuring forces that sustain and organize life and reality. Additional information about the Mother energy follows below.

Instinct energy (red, 20): Automation, autonomy, automatic functions, tropisms, habitual patterns, routines, virtuosity, traditionalism, rituals, ability to believe and even fanaticism, dogmatism.

Expansion/Action energy (orange, 40) – in some English translations also known as “Gravity energy”, which is an earlier and unfortunately misleading term*: Expansion, action, dynamism, manifestation, acting outwards, explosion, acceleration, heat, the main component of physical matter, “mass-function”*; responsible for what we term mass and the Higgs field. In consciousness, this energy is emotionally expressed as aggressiveness, ruthlessness, egoism – destructive and even homicidal and killing activities.

The opposite qualities of the Expansion/Action energy are found in:

Contraction/Perception energy (yellow, 60) – also known as “Feeling energy”: Contraction, perception, registering, reception, regulation of dynamics, acting inwards, receiving activities, implosion, retardation, coldness, condensing effect, “gravity-function”*. In consciousness, this energy is emotionally expressed as sensitivity, empathy, altruism, life-giving and loving activities.

* Additional information about the Expansion/Action energy “EAE” and the Contraction/Perception energy “CPE”: The interaction and tension between these two antagonistic energies constitute the very basis of what physicists term force, particles and matter. In brief: The dynamic EAE (under the influence of CPE) is the main component of physical matter, and thus responsible for what we call mass and the Higgs field. Physical matter is generated as a result of the tension between EAE and CPE. Physical matter consists of EAE (“mass-function”) condensed by CPE (“gravity-function”). In this context, we refer to  Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything -The Fundamental Energy Theory FET, by Leif Pettersson (New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS).

Intelligence energy (green, 80): Analysis, logic, rationality, expediency, efficiency, recognition/ identification, reflection, calculation, foresight, imagination.

Intuition energy (blue, 120): Synthesis, quintessence, instant understanding and knowing (independent of previous studies and our ordinary perception and sensory organs), penetrating, immediate insight, design and generation of ingenious ideas and perfected constructive creativity.

Memory energy (light indigo, 100) – also termed “Memory- and Bliss energy”: Accumulation, preservation, archiving, retrospection, remembrance. This energy is dominating in experiences of bliss, intense pleasure based on what Martinus terms “gold-copies”; cosmic chemically processed and refined sections of accumulated experiences/ memories.

As mentioned, the Mother energy serves as the representative and source of the six other fundamental energies or “working energies”. These potentially exist as predispositions within the mother energy and in a “cosmo-chemical” manner can be “exchanged” as required and governed by the mother energy. The mother energy is also a guarantor of the cosmic world order, i.e. the appropriate functioning of the Multiverse/Cosmos as this is a result of the so-called “cosmic creative principles” that according to Martinus exist within and constitute a hallmark of the mother energy. Per Bruus-Jensen explains:

The fact that the mother energy actually holds this extensive and profound influence is due to the creative ability (X2) that is both holistic and fully automatic and operates in accordance with a particular “program”. This is a special effect-program. It is to be noted that it is not random but very precise and as the only option allows the transformation of immaterial reality (X0) into an illusionistic material reality (X3) where the cosmic creative principles (X2) play the roles of specific morphogenetic effect constants, each providing a distinctive contribution to the way the Cosmos is functioning and therefore, in their own way, leaving their marks on the manifested Multiverse. These marks also state the reason for the names Martinus attached to them – he termed the individual creative principles after the special effects they produce. It should be added that Life and Reality (“the Cosmic World Order”) rest on the activity of more numerous creative principles than presented here.

The Cosmic Creative Principles – Morphogenetic Effect Constants
A brief description of some of the most important cosmic creative principles:

Pole principle (the principle for the formation of poles) effect: all “polar” or dual conditions, such as plus/minus, North/South, male/female, sending/receiving of energy, etc.

Contrast principle (the principle for the formation of contrast)  effect: all contrasts and antagonisms, such as day/night, light/dark, black/white, sour/sweet, good/evil, beautiful/ugly, joy/sorrow, etc., (without contrast no experience).

Perspective principle (the principle for the formation of perspective)  effect: all perspectival effects including dimensions, proportions, relationships in size, grading, distinctions in importance, hierarchical systems, etc.

Motion principle (the principle for the formation of motion)  effect: all forms of movement the Five Universal Classes of Motion: 1. the Primordial Motion (implies a positional motion “from A to B”) and the four so-called “derived motions” that we know as 2. space, 3. time, 4. transformation/change, 5. matter.

Cycle principle (the principle for the formation of cycles)  effect: all kinds of cycles. All movement occurs in cycles, every kind of movement in the entire Cosmos forms a circular path, (supplement below).

Supplement Sub-principles:
– Reincarnation principle
(the principle for the formation of reincarnation) is a principle closely associated with the Cycle principle. During periods of our eternal evolutionary process, we are living alternately in a physical world and in a paraphysical world, during which periods reincarnation is a necessity. The reincarnation principle functions as a “life renewer” (exchange and renewal of physical bodies) in the physical world/ physical dimensions, and is important to us in our development towards higher life forms.
– The Law of Movement, all movement occurs in cycles. In the absolute sense, the straight line does not exist, since it is always a part of a cycle. Every kind of movement in the entire Cosmos forms a circular path. If the energies were not bound in cycles, there would be no experience of life, no consciousness, no fate, and no organisms. (Martinus’ Symbol no 15)
– The Law of Karma, everything (both positive and negative) that we “send out”, (all our actions, thoughts and feelings etc.) returns to us sooner or later; the energies always return to their source in one form or another.

Life-Unit principle/ Matter and Life-Unit principle (the principle for the formation of life-units) effect: the division of wholeness and the structuring of energy into units/quanta, such as particles, cells, organs, organisms, planets, suns, galaxies. Life organizes itself as “life within life”, thereby existing in common interaction and mutual dependence. All living beings are immortal “life-units” linked together and parts of the infinite, living wholeness; the all-embracing, multidimensional Cosmos.
Introductory summary Martinus’ symbol no 7 – The Life-Unit Principle: “The Cosmos is an infinite unit, an all-embracing being and consists of all existing living beings. These are organized as Life within Life. This means that every being is both a macro-being, which provides living space for micro-beings – and also a micro-being, which gets its living space from a larger macro-being. In this way, all living beings are vital to one another.”
The life-unit principle is responsible for manifested reality’s fractalized nature, its division into units of any form, including organisms for living beings. In other words, this creative principle entails that the living Cosmos, on the manifested level, has divided and structured itself into life-units/living beings – “Triune Life-Units”. The complementarity of wholeness/oneness and duality/separation, as well as the “Structure of Entanglement” are formed and explained mainly by the life-unit principle.

Talent Core (or Talent-kernel) principle/ Ability-Nuc principle (the principle for the formation of ”talent cores”/ “ability-nucs”, in some English translations “talent-kernels”) – effect: accumulation of all experiences into stable storage units talent cores/ ability-nucs. The main functions of the talent cores/ ability-nucs are to store and accumulate all our personal experiences, knowledge, abilities, skills and qualities in order to make it possible for us to reuse and develop them, including to take them with us from life to life. The talent cores and their functions are prerequisites for the development of all forms of life and evolutionary processes. Briefly, a talent core/ ability-nuc is a paraphysical, organic center of power containing all the experiences the living being has acquired in certain areas during its eternal life. These experiences and knowledge are transformed into codified patterns of vibrations containing the “data” or “programme”, of which the current talent core handles the “administration”.
Specialized talent cores constitute a personal “perception archive” and play a major role in the perception process and the creation of qualia. The information stored in these talent cores gives “resonance” to new incoming objective impulses and influences how we transform, interpret and act on stimuli, i.e. the transformation of objective reality into personal subjective reality, (the bidirectional “Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process”, X-RCT). Specific “organic-talent cores” contain information for the creation of organisms and are crucial for how things take their form, grow and evolve in a particular way (dismissing the traditional theory that all this complex form-shaping and development is merely genetically programmed). The primary form-shaping and evolving processes with all the underlying information are accumulated in the talent cores and activated at the paraphysical level.

Supplement: The Talent Core/ Ability-nuc principle is also highly relevant in the field of epigenetics as it exerts influence on the genes of the DNA-spiral via the generated talent cores/ ability-nucs. Namely, in the “top-down” way in which the talent cores define and enforce the appearance of new genes in the DNA-spiral, which in this context can be seen as a neutral “keyboard” that talent cores can “play”, and thereby contribute to determining the “music”; i.e. the actual evolutionary process. The talent core principle also helps to explain the so-called evolutionary ‘leaps’, represented by the quite sudden appearance of new species, as well as regeneration of extinct species given the ability to evolve into new species through the use of the great and abundant accumulation of talent cores/ ability-nucs brought from their previous existence (this subject area is described by Per Bruus-Jensen in Project LIFE – The Cosmic Evolution).

Development, Protection and Parent principle (the principle for the formation of development, protection and teaching) – effect: all forms of development (e.g. physical, biological, psychological, emotional, intellectual), protection, parenting, caring, health and social care, leadership, guidance, teaching, education, school and education systems, etc., the principle also implies comprehensive protection and responsibility for all forms of development in a greater perspective including evolution. Martinus terms this principle the “world redemption principle” (the principle of world redemption) and also the “parent principle”, NCP X-AIONS, Therner & Loeth use the term “development, protection and parent principle”.

You will find more comprehensive information about the X-Structure and the Fundamental/Basic Energies and the Cosmic Creative Principles on ONTOLOGY I – X-Structure and ONTOLOGY II – X-Structure.

This ends Part 1 and the ontological section that, we would like to re-emphasize, is only a very brief outline of some of the structural fundamentals of the Cosmic Worldview.

The symbols in miniature below are a few examples of Per Bruus-Jensen’s symbols illustrating the Cosmic Worldview. There are very detailed and comprehensive descriptions associated with each of them that cannot be reproduced in this brief introduction.

Per Bruus-Jensen Symbol 7

Per Bruus-Jensen Symbol 8
Per Bruus-Jensen Symbol 1
Per Bruus-Jensen Symbol 2
Per Bruus-Jensen Symbol 4

Part 2
Short Descriptive Exposition – What is Reality? What is Consciousness? What is the Meaning of Life?

We will now briefly elucidate the essence of Martinus Cosmology by discussing three fundamental issues for humanity: What is Reality? What is Consciousness? What is the Meaning of Life?

What is Reality?

In everyday experience the physical world is experienced as the ‘actual’ reality from which everything arises and lapses. However, the new quantum physics suggests that it is actually not that simple. The physical world consists of quanta, the smallest units of energy that we know of in the physical universe. These quanta can be at different places simultaneously and have the ability to be linked together independent of time and space. Leif Pettersson describes among other things this phenomenon – based on a famous experiment performed in 2008 in Switzerland – in the previously mentioned book Physics, Martinus Cosmology and the Theory of Everything under paragraph 2.26, Photons puzzle scientists:

Two photons that ‘belong together’, i.e. they are ‘intertwined’ as quantum physicists express it, were separated by being sent off in different directions. In the experiment conducted in Geneva, both photons were sent through a fiber optic cable, one of them to the village of Satigny and the other one to the village of Jussy. The villages are located 18 kilometers from each other. When the two separated photons were studied in terms of how their properties varied, it became clear that one photon immediately knew what the other one was exposed to. This is in accordance with quantum mechanical laws. If information travelled between the photons it would have to go at least 100 000 times faster than light, which according to physics is impossible. Researchers cannot explain this phenomenon. This study and related research findings are published in Nature vol. 454, 14 August 2008, p. 861-864.

It should be added that Pettersson also presents an explanation for the phenomenon above on the basis of Martinus Cosmology. However, the physical universe constitutes just a tiny droplet compared to the subtle sea of energy that we call the quantum vacuum that is all pervasive and from which seemingly all physical reality arises.

According to Martinus’ worldview, quantum physics demonstrates how science has reached the limits of measurement in a ‘universe of distances‘ and has now begun to move into a ‘non-local universe of conditions/ modalities‘ (qualities, states). This in fact describes a transition from a physical ‘universe of distances‘ to a paraphysical ‘universe of conditions/ modalities‘. The quantum vacuum is the first encounter with this transition and represents a doorway into this world of states/dimensions beyond our present knowledge of time and space.

Martinus describes how energy is generated by the interaction of eternal principles, and states that the physical world fundamentally is an illusion. The actual reality is an eternally living ‘Subject/I’ that is unchangeable (absolute stillness) which Martinus calls ‘something that is’ (X1). The Subject/I is the authority that experiences life and that always sees the world/ existence from different perspectives. The Subject/I is present in all life and it is argued that the fact that we experience, i.e. that we have experiences – implies that there is something/ someone who has these experiences. We are not our experiences, we are not our thoughts and feelings, but we are first and foremost the Subject/I that experiences them. The Subject/I is the fixed point of all life and of each and every one of us, as well as of the infinite, all-embracing, living universe.

Thus the Subject/I is divided into different perspectives/ constituents that each are individual life-units/ life quanta/ living beings. There are life-units behind all motion in the universe and cosmos itself is structured as life-units inside other life-units (the Matter- and Life-unit Principle). This ‘arrangement’ continues indefinitely (within both the microcosm and the macrocosm).

Modern Western culture has divided and separated us from the natural world, as well as the dead from the living, which Martinus definitely avoids. In his cosmic worldview, there are both physical and paraphysical worlds that are constantly developing in an eternal evolutionary, ascending spiral. From this perspective, it is not at all remarkable that quantum physicists find a subtle sea of energy everywhere and that quanta are shown to be capable of linkage regardless of time and space. With quantum physics we stand on the edge of discovering a paraphysical universe/ cosmos from where a cosmic consciousness constantly maintains the physical universe/ material world at all levels, in the micro-, meso- and macrocosm from quanta to galaxies.

Support for this view of reality is provided by discoveries that show how our universe has grown and evolved throughout billions of years in an extremely well-coordinated and organized manner wherein complex life has had the opportunity to exist and develop. Approximately thirty accurately tailored natural constants along with their precise interactions are required in order to create a basis for biological ‘life’ and to make the ‘arousal’ of the universe possible. It is relevant to ask: Where do these exact conditions come from? Among Martinus’ statements we find the answer, i.e. a conscious, infinite universe that functions via conformity to laws and eternal principles. A living universe that grows, lives and ‘dies’, (and through macro-reincarnation is constantly evolving towards higher consciousness and life-forms). As such it creates conditions for individual life-units to gain experience on the physical plane. This is made possible through collaboration between life-units on many different levels/ dimensions.

The attempts of the natural sciences to understand how reality is designed and how it functions are based on time-limited analyses, e.g. ‘from the Big Bang to the present’. On the other hand, Martinus’ analyses are based on an eternal perspective. However, he points out that science through its main discoveries is moving towards his cosmic science. Natural sciences can only describe reality from the ‘outside’ and have not discovered the reality of the underlying paraphysical realm. In this context, we would like to mention some new theories that actually illustrate a conscious, eternal, infinite universe which, even if not identical to Martinus’ description of the living universe, are fascinating. For example, systems theorist Erwin Laszlo, describes a conscious universe and claims that our existence has an immaterial underlying reality to it. Similarly, researchers Menas Kafatos and Robert Nadeau also present a conscious universe. In astrophysics we find for example the new Theory of an Endless Universe (Steinhart and Turok, 2008). This unlike the classical Big Bang theory does not see Big Bang as ‘the dawn of times’, but rather as an event, a detail in an eternal and infinite universe. The well-known mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose has also presented a theory that claims our universe is neither the first, nor the last, on the contrary, there is an endless row of regular ‘Big Bangs’ where one universe takes over from the other, Cycles of Time (Penrose 2010). To these theories, we can now add Leif Petterson’s groundbreaking material, The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET that also represents a bridge between the Cosmic Worldview and natural sciences.

As already mentioned, according to Martinus, there is an eternal, unchanging Subject/I that experiences everything by considering the universe through different individual life-units, each with an individual Subject/ I-core and a Subject/ I-perception on some level. These life-units exist on different levels/planes of existence (such as the physical planes of existence/ natural kingdoms that we know of as the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms) and are all subject to an eternal spiral evolutionary process leading to ever higher manifestations of life and consciousness.

Taken together, the cosmic depiction of reality involves a paradigm shift: from a materialistic/ mechanistic worldview, according to which chance and coincidence govern – towards an understanding of a reality according to which the universe is infinite and alive and where life is controlled and governed by an all-embracing universal  consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature that are associated with it.

What is Consciousness?

We all experience life through our ‘consciousness’, however, as already mentioned, this inner world is an unsolved mystery. Contemporary materialists believe that human consciousness consists solely of a brain or a psychological complex of mental characteristics such as emotions, beliefs and thoughts. However, within e.g. parapsychological research there is extensive material relating to clairvoyance and telepathy etc. that cannot be incorporated into this materialistic belief. There is an urgent need for a radically different understanding and perception of consciousness and its relationship to the world around us.

According to Martinus and the Cosmic Worldview, the Subject/I of the human individual is in essence identical with the universal Subject/I. Since our individual perspectives never dissolve or fade, every life-unit is also an eternal life-unit. All life-units are always journeying the Cosmos – it is an eternal process of development. This may be achieved with consciousness being carried by two different organic structures that Martinus terms the structure of upper consciousness and the structure of lower consciousness. These notions relate thus to organic structures and the terms ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ are position-orientated. The ‘consciousness’ that Martinus utilizes is the subjective product of the interaction between the structure of upper consciousness and the structure of lower consciousness.

The structure of upper consciousness operates through eternal, immutable principles in which the Subject/I is able to organize his/her/its life experiences. Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen describe in detail how this is achieved via an organic complex comprising, among other things, the primordial urge, the mother energy, the element of fate and the ability-nucs/talent cores. The structure of lower consciousness is a product of collaborative principles that manifest themselves as bodies of the previously mentioned six fundamental energies/working energies. These subtle, qualitative energies constitute the objective basis of everything in the universe, including our consciousness. (As mentioned before, everything in the universe – both the physical universe and the paraphysical planes of existence, including our own consciousness – depend on these subtle fundamental basic energies.)

Thus, the life-units have a Subject/I, a structure of upper consciousness and a structure of lower consciousness. All three levels survive death, the physical body is only a temporary result of the interaction between the fundamental energies.

One can find evidence for the existence of an eternal, immutable Subject/I within us by referring to the perception we have of being the same person throughout our life, even though our physical body changes and ages and our mind matures. There is something within us that is experiencing this and finds it strange that the body and the mind have changed so radically. You still feel that you are the same person now as you were when you were young. This is due to the fact that you are neither your body nor your consciousness, but you are the Subject/I who possesses your body and mind. Martinus states that one can come to this conclusion by analysis, for instance the fact that an experience cannot be experienced by another experience. We can also ask: Can a feeling or thought be experienced by another feeling or thought? If this is the case it may be asked what the difference is between emotions that are experiencing, and emotions that are experienced? Is there a ‘central committee’ of experiences that are experiencing other sensations? According to Martinus, experiences imply the existence of an ‘experiencer’. The ‘experiencer’ cannot be found in the brain either; here one can only observe electrochemical processes. An experience consisting of colours and shapes occurs not in the brain, but in our subjective paraphysical space of consciousness, i.e. in our personal and completely private ‘cyberspace’. That this is so may be illustrated by the following: Close your eyes and imagine an apartment building in the same size as it has in reality. Now where does this apartment building exist? It is too large to exist within the brain and it cannot be observed if the brain is scanned. It is only to be found within the ‘non-local world of conditions/ modalities’ of the fundamental energies, not bound by time and space.

All life comprises an experiencer that has the ability to create experiences through a Subject/I with an associated structure of upper consciousness and structure of lower consciousness. Taken together, and expressed very briefly (see also Part 1 Life and Existence as a Triune Operating Principle ‘X’): all life is made up of an indivisible triune operating principle X that could theoretically be split into X1/creator and experiencer, X2/creative and experiential ability, and X3/the created and experienced.

It should be emphasized that the Cosmic World Picture via Martinus Cosmology and Per Bruus-Jensen’s work presents, inter alia, an explanatory model of our eternal nature and describes how we actually survive ‘death’. Very briefly, this is made possible by our paraphysical organism/ body. According to Martinus Cosmology all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/ structure. We are given an account of how this paraphysical body is constructed and how it operates, e.g., how the so-called ‘ability-nucs’/ talent cores, among other things, make it possible for us to take qualities, abilities and skills (which are a pre-requisite for our development) with us from life to life. It should be pointed out that the ability-nucs are highly relevant in the field of epigenetics as they directly exert an influence on the genes of the DNA-spiral. Also explained is how life continues in a paraphysical sphere of existence after physical death and the course of events which leads to a new incarnation. In addition we are given a profound description of what consciousness actually is and of the paraphysical structures and their processes which, side by side with the activities of the physical brain, constitute the foundation of our ability to experience, to remember, think, feel, etc. – in fact, of all activity in our consciousness. Viewed as organic factors, these paraphysical structures precede the physical body and can accordingly operate independently of it. As such, they contribute to ensuring the process of reincarnation or body-replacement, and thereby the individual’s ongoing course of personal evolution. Also described is the nature and functioning of ‘the engine’ and driving force of all mental activity which provides a fundamental explanation of human psychology as a whole.

Micro Cosmos NCP X-AIONS
Meso Cosmos NCP X-AIONS
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What is the Meaning of Life?

Today, the meaning of life is considered as a religious issue, a matter of faith by most people. Martinus implies that we are in an evolutionary process from faith towards knowledge. In other words we are in a transitional phase in which humanity is about to free itself from the religious dogmas of faith and is moving towards a new kind of science. This science will enable exploration of the immaterial and paraphysical aspects of life. The main objectives will be to explore the meaning of life based on scientific criteria. This Martinus calls a ‘spiritual science’. By definition this will be a science that seriously engages in the subjective dimensions of existence and reality, such as brain versus life experience and consciousness, and sensory organs versus qualitative sensations (qualia) and all other enigmatic interactions with matter as well as the already deeply explored aspects of objective reality. Martinus claims that unless we have a complete overview and insight into both aspects of reality (subjective and objective) along with their interaction we cannot truly understand the meaning of life or anything that exists at all, and gives many examples for this in his cosmology.

Martinus distinguishes between what he calls ‘the old world-impulse’ and ‘the new world-impulse’. People who are inspired by and attracted to the old world-impulse will find the meaning of life based on the ability to believe – and this ability is based on two of the fundamental energies: instinct energy and feeling (perception/ contraction) energy i.e. the mental qualities of these two energies. Humanity is about to leave this phase. A new era will begin when the intelligence (also a fundamental energy) begins to play a greater role in people’s lives and they therefore wish to understand and prove everything. This need cannot be satisfied by religion and is why many people have become atheists. Today’s science-based materialism is an expression of this development. According to Martinus this is not a step back but rather an expression of the first cultural foothold of the new world-impulse that in time, will lead to a paradigm shift – a new worldview and a new understanding of reality. The breakthrough of science with its results was the foundation for atheism whilst more recent scientific discoveries are also about to challenge this atheism. More and more new scientific research clearly points to a more organic and holistic worldview.

Globally we are in a transitional phase where we can find both the old world-impulse (faith-based religions) and the new impulse including science that leads to science-based materialism and atheism, and then on to a new budding ‘spiritual science’ (as defined above), a science that over time will advance the whole of humanity towards cosmic consciousness. During this intermediate and transitional stage there is much confusion with many different directions represented claiming different things (even though this helps to develop our ability to discern and judge).

Already in our time many people have had so-called ‘spontaneous cosmic glimpses’ (including ‘experiences of oneness’ etc.). In the next two hundred years more people will have these holistic or unifying experiences such as the realization that life is eternal without being able to explain it in detail. Science will also make new discoveries demonstrating that the mind can communicate independently of time and space, that death is not an end to life and that all life evolves through cycles of reincarnation. This new culture will be based on knowledge of and insight into the answers to the great questions of life. People will gradually be able to contact the paraphysical worlds and realize the same truths as did Martinus. This will lead to a significantly better world and way of existence for all life on Earth. Without detailed knowledge of Martinus’ analysis, this might seem like wishful thinking or wild fantasies. But think about how today’s welfare society with all its advanced techniques and information technology would have been perceived by the ancients. Indeed, just think back a century and consider the amazing and accelerating developments in science, technology, communication, etc.

New research in the social sciences presents supportive evidence for the development above. World Values Survey is an association of social scientists (at Michigan University in the U.S.) that have investigated how communities have changed worldwide over the past 30 years. To date, these are the largest long-term studies of the human race (including 265,000 people). One can discern a clear progression from traditional values to more democratic and individualistic values in many places. In this phase, the traditional faith-based religions lose ground but as welfare states arise, there appears a new need to find a superior meaning to life and existence. This often leads to an individualized form of spirituality. These findings are also confirmed by the Gallup Millennium Survey. This scenario is de facto to the highest degree consistent with Martinus’ description of the first phases of transition from the old to the new world-impulse.

Currently the challenge is to create a global welfare society on Earth. However even in our present limited and inadequate welfare societies, we observe a need to relate to the meaning of life in a more nuanced way. When this new global welfare society in ecological balance with nature and the planet has been established, the next challenge will be to relate to the meaning of life. A new culture of knowledge will emerge having a greater relevance to Martinus’ analysis. The latter will act as a map and guide to the understanding of the Cosmic Worldview comprising an endless, living and conscious universe with a multitude of dimensions and life forms, physical as well as paraphysical. We now stand at the threshold of this new understanding with a new voyage of discovery beginning.

Martinus emphasizes that man will only come to really understand the meaning of life by first developing real human feelings, combined with a high intelligence, and when these two factors are in mutual balance, i.e. when the fundamental energies of feeling/contraction energy and intelligence energy have been enough developed and are in harmony in our minds. A very important and noticeable effect of this is that we will only use our intelligence for a positive and constructive purpose and we will act lovingly and caringly to all life. When the feeling and intelligence energies have reached this balanced stage of development, there will automatically be an opening to an intuition governed by will which in fact result in a completely new understanding of reality and the meaning of life.

According to Martinus’ analysis, there is a meaning to everything that happens but in order to realize this, one must consider the development in a much longer perspective than humanity has succeeded so far.

Martinus Cosmology trains you how to see life from an eternal perspective and when you are able to translate this into your actions in everyday life, then you start to live according to the analysis by providing benefit and happiness for your fellow human beings and all other life on Earth. It should be emphasized that this cosmology is pragmatic and easily adapted to everyday use. The Cosmic Worldview demonstrates that all forms of life and their varying existences are meaningful at both individual and universal levels.

NCP X-AIONS Direction

The Cosmic Worldview provides logically consistent explanations of how Life and Reality are structured and function. In understanding this, humanity will develop and act with an ever deeper sense of responsibility, empathy and care for all life – fellow humans, animals, nature, the whole planet. … For the people of the future, this will be the only possible way to live meaningfully. The project has already begun and each one of us can consciously choose to be a part of it. The Cosmic Worldview presents a New Paradigm and, not least, Hope for the Future…

Skövde and Köpenhamn, July 2011
Therner NCP, S. Löth M.D., Ph.D., A. Riel MA.Phil.

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